Saturday, March 3, 2018

Dear Emryn Myla

Your birth story.......

Mommy was due to have you on February 27, 2018. However, due to higher blood pressure starting at my 36 week appointment we wondered if you might come earlier. Like I thought maybe a few days or possibly a week if I ended up having to get induced due to my blood pressure. High blood pressure at the end of pregnancy wasn’t anything new for me it happened with your big sis as well but not until my last week. Anyway time went on and I anxiously awaited your arrival! At
37 weeks 6 days daddy and I had planned to go on a date and our friend Cathryn had asked to watch your big sis! Before we went on our date we drove over to Cathryn’s to drop sissy off only for me to find out daddy and sissy were dropping me off ! My sweet friends had gotten together to throw me a surprise “Pop Party” ! It was so fun and really adorable you’ll see the pictures at some point but we ate chocolate fondue and drank sparkling grape juice it was the perfect girls evening and I was totally completely surprised ! After we wrapped up the evening my friend Emily brought me home! Dad had fallen asleep so I decided to pack up some of the items I had gotten as gifts at the pop party for my hospital bag. I still couldn’t sleep it was probably 11 and I had started watching Big Brother after that was over around 1 a.m. I decided a relaxing bath sounded great so I hopped in hoping this would make falling asleep effortless! Around 2 a.m. I got back in bed and then right back up because I had to pee. After peeing I got back in bed but as soon as I did I felt like I had just peed my pants confused I stood up and went into the bathroom and more water came out or pee I couldn’t tell at this point! So I yelled for Dad. He came into the bathroom and seemed to confirm what I thought might be happening. I was thinking this can’t be I’m exactly 38 weeks and I just got home from my “Shai’s About to Pop Party” the irony is too much. No it wasn’t though, after talking with my midwife Sharon she was pretty sure my water had indeed began to break. I say began because you may not realize that once your water breaks it continues to leak until you give birth just as mine did further confirming you were on your way! (2 whole weeks early!) We began to call some family and friends to let them know and allow time for them to get here to watch big sis Tinley. I had contractions off and on but nothing consistent so we didn’t end up going to the hospital until 8 a.m. after a quick pit stop at Starbucks. Once we got to the hospital and checked in things got a little scary for Mommy I got a blinding migraine, lost feeling in my right hand and had a really hard time talking and remembering things it lasted for 10 minutes and gave the doctors and nurses a real scare. After it was over I felt so much better! Later the doctors checked me. I was 4.5 cm dialated and I started pitocin because things weren’t progressing. Shortly after the pitocin started I’d say a couple hours and at 5.5 cm I opted to get an epidural. At last I could concentrate again and finally relax my body, those two hours were so painful! At this point I began to think about the fact that I had scheduled a birth photographer for you but she was out of town for the week so, I last minute texted her to ask if she had a back up! She had two but they were also unavailable however her third attempt came through and she was the sweetest momma of three little boys (Jessica) who made us feel so comfortable and took great photos. She got there about an hour after my epidural and began taking photos! At first I felt bad thinking oh no she is going to be here awhile because last time it took at least 10hrs for me to progress from 6 to 10 cm . This time that wasn’t the case about 2 hours after she arrived and around 5:50 the doctors checked me despite the fact I didn’t feel the need to push and I was ready to push ! After about three good pushes and less than 5 minutes you came out perfect as ever weighing 7lbs 3oz and 20inches long. Daddy and I were overjoyed! We couldn't believe how tiny you were and how much hair you had. You were also very red but we were assured this was normal. Since that day we can't imagine our lives without you, to say you fit flawlessly into our family is an understatement with you here we now feel complete !

I hope to add your birth photos to this page when they are finished *

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

8 months

Today, Tinny is 9 months old so, I thought I would recap what happened in month 8 ! She is just changing and growing so much with each new day I can barely keep up!

& just to put things in perspective :




More than just her looks have been changing though our girl now has SIX teeth and is eating all the FOODS!! She loves her some puffs! Sweet potatoes and bananas are also favorites. Currently, she eats about two fruit and veggie pouches a day.

Although she hasn't thoroughly mastered crawling she can get where she needs to go whether that means rolling, scooting or pulling up on something and walking her self to desired location. (Yes, I said pulling up! She tends to get herself in a sitting position and then grabs the couch or outoman and up she goes.) She is even standing unassisted for very short periods of time like 3 seconds HA but, hey this Mama is all for celebrating the small stuff !!

Also, this month we made the big transition from the co-sleeper to her crib and I think it was the right time and feel good about my decision. She could literally stand up in her co-sleeper and lean over the edge so, I was worried she might fall out. Thus, we packed it up! Right now she sleeps pretty soundly waking about once a night, not too bad compared to the 4 we were doing only a month earlier.

This month we also did a FUN little Easter MINI with cousin EVIE!! I made them both BABYS BREATH crowns that was a very tedious job!! Each one took about 30 -45 minutes.

We have also been thoroughly enjoying the PARK & OUTDOORS!!


We LOVE our girl so much ! She is full of personality and is definitely a momma's girl even though she calls me DADADA :) and knows how to say what sounds like cat and tank ou (thank you) and not mama LOL

Monday, November 14, 2016

4 months

I can't believe it's November! I can't believe we have a four month old because around this time last year I found out I was pregnant! Here is a throw back!

Time is just racing by and Tinley is changing with each new day.

Communicating:When Tinley first arrived it was a guessing game most of the time trying to figure out what she needed (especially since I'm a FTM), now however I feel as though she has little cues that tip me off. She rubs her eyes when she is tired (I know this sounds obvious but she didn't always do this), she makes weird noises when she needs changed and she turns her head to my chest in a more pronounced way when she is hungry. All new ways of communicating for my little one that I am so grateful to see!

Development: Tinley has also found her feet and loves to play with them, its the cutest thing ever to me!

Toys: She has become captivated with her little bunny rattle blanket toy that has no name. Suggestions welcome! Im thinking all the different textures intrigue her. She enjoys putting it up to her mouth and has started using her mouth to figure out what things are.

Sleeping: She takes about two to three 1 hour naps a day. She goes to bed around 9p.m. and sleeps until about 8:30 a.m. usually waking up once at 5 a.m. to nurse. We just now started swaddling her because she keeps scratching her face.

Clothes: Currently wearing 3 to 6 months and 6 months for the most part. She can wear some 6-9 month and 9 month clothing so pretty much right on track. Here are some of her current fashions.

Stats: Height- 26" (90th percentile) Weight- 15 lbs 6oz (80th percentile) Head circumference is 75th percentile

Monday, October 10, 2016

Use. Me. Lord.

In the short three months its been since I had Tinley my heart has been awakened. I have felt the Lord's presence and love in such powerful ways as he has shown me that the immense and unconditional love I have for my little girl is only a fraction of his love for her, for me. I can't fully fathom it, yet I know it and feel it daily.

It moves me to be the very best version of myself for her, for my husband, for my community, for the lost and hurting, but most importantly for HIM. It delights my heart to say, "God what is your desire for me? How can I help your kingdom?" My mind drifts to beautiful and good things the Lord could use me to do....

I sometimes wish that the Lord would drop at my feet his plan for my life not only figuratively but literally. Then I wouldn't have to wonder if I was doing the right things I would know, but that is not how he works. And, then again if it were I probably wouldn't be in as close communion with him. After all, I would be following a step by step guide it wouldn't be about my faith in Him.

It's somewhat like my passion to fiercely serve him and my fear of walking that out are at war. I want the beautiful adventure of doing the hard and holy things but, at the same time I question if I can really handle it. I know this is silly because He is in control and any illusion of me being in control by not stepping out is a falsity.

So, today it is on my heart and mind and in my prayers that God would take my passions and talents and use them in small and mighty ways to further his kingdom. That I would be open to all his plans and that I would be aware of his prompting and leading.

After having a close friend lose a baby to miscarriage the Lord has really put it on my heart to find some way to serve those who experience the loss of a child. Even if in only a small way, I want to do what I can. I don't want to sit back and think God can't use me because I don't have an elaborate plan or huge funds.

Hope Mommies Box Gatherings are events in which friends and family come together to assemble gifts, encouragement, and the gospel in the form of beautifully decorated and personally crafted boxes for mothers who have recently lost a child.

To learn more about this ministry please visit

In order to host a Hope Mommies Box Gathering you must first do a fundraiser to raise money and supplies for the boxes. Each box cost about $45. These items include an ESV Bible, a Heaven Booklet (Randy Alcorn), a book on grief, journal, scripture cards, handwritten note, and a Hope Mommies™ brochure. A Hope Box also includes various comfort and pampering gifts such as: tissue, tea, coffee, lotion, lip care, bath bomb, candle and jewelry.

My goal is to be able to do 10 boxes. Once my goal is fully funded I will host a gathering at my home to assemble and decorate the boxes.

My hope is that in serving these mommies and praying over these boxes as we assemble them God will use us and the boxes to encourage their hearts.

If you feel lead to donate please contact me so I can direct you to the site where the funds will be collected to purchase the supplies.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read.

Shai Kinch

1 Peter 4:10 Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.

1 James 4:10 Serve those who cannot repay you.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Almost 3 MONTHS !?

Dear Tins,

This week, week 12 was monumental!

You rolled over for the first time!(9/29/16) Your daddy and I proud as can be cheered you on in the doctors office, because yes, that is where you choose to roll over for the very first time! We are very appreciative that you choose to do it where A. we have a witness and B. could be together. GOOO TINLEY!!

You also got your shots which was probably just as hard for me to watch, as it was for you to get them. We were both crying messes! Daddy had to be the strong one. When the nurse was all finished I scooped you up quick as I could. Then the nurse and daddy looked at us and said, "oh no" thats when I looked at your little chunky leg and it was all bloody along with your blanket and my shirt. Oh the irony, you get shots and I walk out of the doctors with smeared make-up and a blood stained shirt. Motherhood.

Early in the week you also reached upward for mommy and daddy's hands as we placed them in front of your face and oh how that warmed our parental hearts. Seeing you learn to use your hand-eye coordination is so amazing. Everything you do is amazing to us though.

I also noticed that you started noticing your big kitty brother Auto, and tracked him around the room for a bit! I have a feeling you two are going to be the best of friends.

A typical night for you? Sleeping!? Well, you are great at that too! This week you have slept through the night a total of 3 nights and we are only at Thursday as I write this!

A typical day for ? You usually wake around 8:30 or 9 a.m. and want to eat, soon after you happily wake up smiling and cooing. You have your most alert period from about 9 to noon in which you look all around. During this time we take a walk, read, and do belly time on the play mat. After this, you are usually pretty tired and take a nap and then want to be held and cuddled throughout the evening.

You have also found your thumb which you vigorously suck in the absence of you paci and you are also drooling now. Quite a bit! Other mommas tell me its normal!

You are cooing and talking in your little baby gurgles, but we are still patiently waiting for a little belly laugh!

I could go on and on, but here soon you will need to be fed. Speaking of feeding you have almost made it to your third month of being exclusively breast fed. Which is really great for your health so, I am celebrating the blessing of being able to provide this for you!

Current Stats and percentiles according to a 3 month growth chart (because you are closer to 3 months than 2):

Weight: 13lbs 10oz (50th & 75th)

Height: 24.8 inches (75th & 90th)

Head Circumference: 40.3 cm (25th & 50th)

Monday, August 15, 2016

Dear Tinley Jade

Dear Tinley Jade,
I have a story to tell you, it's the story of your birth.

Did you know your momma was told she would be holding you in her arms on July 3rd 2016? That's right Saturday July 2nd at about 4 p.m. after talking to my midwife about my high blood pressure (160s/90s) she asked me to come in to the hospital for monitoring. After being monitored for 3 hours my blood pressure didn't normalize and so the midwife on call, Amanda told me we would probably have to induce labour so you wouldn't be at risk. Ironically enough just when they told me that my blood pressure normalized. As part of the routine checks before sending me home they checked my cervix and I was 5cm dilated, 90% effaced and you were in the zero station. At this point everyone thought I was in early labour so I was sent to a delivery room and given an IV.

We thought my contractions would pick up that night and that you would be here the next morning, but they never did. So, the next morning Mommy, Daddy and our other midwife, Sharon decided it would be in your best interest for me to go home and let things happen naturally. Gigi and Grandpa had already traveled up to see you so we had to tell them and everyone else they would have to keep waiting.

As the week drew on Mommy was starting to get impatient and her blood pressure was still a little unsteady so the next week I had two more doc appointments one on Wednesday and one on Friday at both appointments they stripped my membranes and sent me home with confidence that you would arrive over the weekend, I was excited!

Sunday July 10 your due date rolled around and you still hadn't come. That morning your Daddy and I went to church and all the while I remember just hoping and praying you would come soon. When we got home from church I went straight to my room laid down and cried. I wanted you here and you were just as comfy as could be. I however was feeling crampy and emotional. Finally Daddy convinced me to get up. I decided to be more positive and got ready to go do something with your dad to take my mind off of the situation. Just as we were getting ready to leave mommy's belly started to feel weird.

At about 5p.m. mommy's cramps turned into what I thought might be contractions. I immediately got on my exercise ball and was there for the next hour bracing myself as the pains came and went. Then daddy decided it was time we start timing the contractions. They started off about 7 mins apart and then got closer to 5 mins apart so daddy packed up the car with all our stuff to go to the hospital. We didn't end up going to the hospital though, because just as we packed the car the contractions became really irregular at times being up to 16 mins apart.

We didn't want another false alarm trip to the hospital so we went on a walk thinking that might speed things up, but had no luck. By this time it was after eight and Daddy was getting hungry. So we got in the car and headed to KFC. We figured I should try to eat something too in case this wasn't real labour so, I carefully ordered mashed potatoes, mac n cheese and a biscuit.

Once we got home I kept having contractions, but neither daddy or I were convinced they were the real deal. It was about 10 when dad decided to go to bed and I decided I would try and sleep the best I could. Daddy fell asleep quickly and I tried to sleep, but kept waking up. I remember feeling so confused I knew my body was feeling something it never had before, but I didn't understand why my contractions were so irregular. While daddy was sleeping mommy called Sharon one of our midwives for the second time that night. Sharon comforted me and advised me to try getting in the tub. Immediately I got in the tub and then was out and back in repeatedly.

At one point I called granny and we talked on the phone as I went through some of the contractions. After we ended our conversation things started to pick up. The tub no longer comforted me. Contractions were so intense I had to get on my hands and knees and brace myself.

At around 2 a.m. I yelled for Daddy because I knew it was time to go to the hospital. Waking Daddy from a deep sleep isn't always the most fun thing he was a bit grouchy and told me I'd have to wait until he was done using the bathroom. Needless to say that didn't go over well. Lucky for him though I have forgiven him!

Upon arrival at the ER I didn't wait for Daddy to unpack the car I waddled in as quickly as possible and asked for labor and delivery. The security guard promptly provided me with a wheelchair. They asked me all these questions and thankfully Daddy answered for me. Before we knew it the L&D nurse was down to get us. She asked me how many cm dilated I was at my last appointment and when I told her 5cm she took off. Daddy could barely keep up!

Once we got in the room Sharon the midwife came in and checked my cervix I was now 6.5 cm dilated. She suggested I get in the tub (birthing pool), but I was hesitant having just come from the tub at home. She said that it would feel much different here since it was deeper. At this point the pain was terrible so I agreed. I got in the tub and continued to labour losing track of time and just trying to get through each contraction. At about 5 a.m. Sharon checked me again I was 9 cm dilated and elated I had made it this far without any pain meds and thought, "Yes I can do this!". It was important to me to bring you into the world as naturally as possible.

Unfortunately, things didn't quite go like Mommy planned. After another hour of laboring and no progress Sharon suggested we break my water which would surely progress things. I agreed and once my water broke the pain increased tremendously. I labored for another hour and to my horror I had actually went back. I was now 8.5 cm dilated the pressure of the water bag was actually holding my cervix open wider. I remember feeling so discouraged, extremely tired and in a lot of pain. I continued to labor with the new midwife on call Leticia for 3 more hours without any progress before accepting the fact that medicine would a part of your birth story.

At 10 a.m. I begged for anything that could take the pain away even a tylenol. Leticia said to talk with Daddy and see if I really wanted to, I told her I didn't need to talk to Daddy. HAHA Ironically enough though I had to wait an additional hour for my epidural because the doctor was in surgery. In the meantime they gave Mommy Nubane(SP) It made things A LOT more bearable. The next thing I knew the Doctor came in and administered the epidural, but the other medicine was already working so well I actually fell asleep while getting it. That scared Daddy a little bit he thought the Doctor killed me.

Three hours later I woke up from a very relaxing nap and was checked again, by this time I was fully effaced, 10 cm dilated, and ready to push. With the support of Daddy and our midwife Leticia I pushed for 40 mins and at 3:34 p.m. you were born. Daddy loves to tell everyone that I just kept saying gimme gimme. Well at least you know you are loved and very much wanted!!

As curious as I was to find out your weight and length I didn't want you to leave my side. Finally, though I let them take you and voiced my guess of 8 pounds 12 ounces you were 9 pounds 5 ounces and 22 inches long. You were perfect and everyday since your birth my life has had an added JOY because of you!! I truly feel like my life has a deeper meaning. I never thought the sacrifices of being a mother would be easy, and it can be very hard at times but, for sure without a doubt I will always always always tell you and anyone who asks, "You are worth it" everyday, any day, all the days! I love you Tins ! Mommy and Daddy love you without reserve and we promise to do our best to entrust you to the Lord following his plan and ensuring that we will be guided to give you the best of ourselves.

Love, Mommy

Sunday, June 12, 2016


We are four weeks out!


As in if our little girl comes on her due date, we will be holding her in our arms in a matter of a month. It is the most indescribable feeling because I have SO MANY feelings about it. EXCITEMENT. FEAR. JOY.

We know her arrival will be life changing we know things will never be the same, we know they will be better. She is a blessing from God.

However, we also know that having this beautiful addition enter our lives will challenge us in ways that we never thought possible and that raising her will be a grand adventure that requires us to be the best version of ourselves. We know the best gift we can give our sweet Tinley Jade is a home with God at the center and so we pray that the Lord would work in our lives ever increasingly taking our focus off of worldly things and onto the things of Heaven.

Our relationship and how we treat each other will ultimately be one of the greatest ways we show Tinley and the world the Love of Jesus our Lord. We know we must continually invest and pour into each other in ways that speak Love to the other person, because we want our sweet girl to understand we are FOR EACH OTHER just like our heavenly father is FOR US.

This past weekend we were able to do just that as we devoted a whole 5 days to us. From the moment we became pregnant we knew we wanted to take a babymoon we both agreed it was important to spend some serious quality time together shortly before our bundle of joy entered the world. We had heard the advice from many new parents. "For those first couple months its all about baby. You are in survival mode you don't have a lot of "US" time and that can often strain your relationship." Taking the wise advice of those who had gone before we planned a little getaway to Michigan.

Well I guess you couldn't really say planned because uh we didn't do a whole lot of that... we knew we would spend at least one night in St. Joseph and then travel more north just exploring. Yep, those were the extent of our plans the point was that we would spend time together. So, you could pretty much say YELP and Trip Advisor were our best friends.

We had to make a lot of decisions spur of the moment and ended up experiencing some really great things together and lots of firsts for the both of us!

Like a Bed and Breakfast (The Painted Turtle), St. Joseph, Traverse City, Michigan's Coast, Build A Bear Workshop, Silver Beach Pizza, Bread +Bar, Gumbo, Tosi's Cafe, Cabana's, Slabtown Burgers, Grand Traverse Resort and Spa, Black Beard's Putt Putt Course, cart cycling, Georgina's and Harbor Shores Golf Course!

Of all the places we explored and all the things we did the best moments of our trip were the moments we spent laughing together and challenging each other. Coming home we feel refreshed and excited for this next phase of our lives. We are ready to meet our GIRL! Also, we highly recommend babymoons!! They don't have to be long or expensive or far away the point is quality time with your significant other, make it a priority!


Zac fell deeply in love with Harbor Shores Golf Course and I enjoyed the pretty scenery and being caddy for a day!

We explored the local eateries and have a couple recommendations if you are in the area!
St.Joseph: Our favorites were Silver Beach Pizza, Bread + Bar, and Tosi's Cafe

Silver Beach Pizza: The Pizza and breadsticks were delicious and really reasonably priced!! Plus you got a nice view of the lake!

Tosi's Cafe was a quaint little place in the middle of downtown surrounded by dessert shops! Everything looked delicious but I really loved their bacon corn chowder although, I didn't get a picture of that but here is our main course! So yummy!

Last but, definitely not least was Bread + Bar a more high end restaurant with the flavors to back up the price!! My first time trying filet mignon and Zac's first time trying polenta, everything surpassed our expectations!

Traverse City: Slabtown Burgers and Gerogina's both places on opposite ends of the spectrum but equally yummy with uniquely cool atmospheres. I only got pictures of Slabtown (it was in a renovated old house) so you'll have to look up Georgina's on your own!