Friday, December 13, 2013

You don't appreciate it until you work for it!

I finally feel like I have time to relax and write again now that school is done until January.

First and foremost I wanted to thank everyone who prayed for me these last couple of months as I struggled to make it through a class I really didn't enjoy. Math has never been my thing but when you throw in constructions its a recipe for disaster and it was..... but to be honest I had this mentality going into it that wasn't all that great either. I kept telling myself get through it this isn't your thing, your not going to remember anything, and you won't enjoy it but, just do it. So I did my homework got my A's and then when it came to the tests did awful I won't beat around the bush. Quickly realizing working at this pace wasn't going to cut it and if I didn't muster up some kind of something I wasn't going to get the C+ I needed, I buckled down. First I asked everyone to pray for me and then I got to work studying. I had a C+ in the class but with the final being a third of my grade and my test history of two C's and an F I knew I was going to have to work extra hard. I needed a C+ on the final to keep my grade and from how I had done on the other two tests I was pretty nervous at first wondering if it was even possible. To be honest I'm just not used to studying and I usually don't, except when it comes to math and I think I found out why. I have to work at it and actually apply myself. Putting that extra effort in isn't enjoyable or pleasant when I could be doing other things like spending time with my friends and family.

Something changed though as I studied for my test as I kept working at it learning more it got easier for me to keep studying over the weekend. The more effort I put into it the more effort I wanted to keep putting into it. Studying for probably a combined total of four hours over the weekend the stress started to melt. As Monday afternoon rolled around I was a little uneasy but I knew going into it that I was okay with whatever happened because I had worked hard and I had learned and taught myself the material I hadn't previously understood.

After taking the test I was a little nervous but, was pretty sure I had gotten at least a C+. Waiting for my grade to come in seemed like ages. When I finally saw the results though it made me love math a little :). I had gotten a 77% C+ on my final. My hard work paid off and I was so happy. I learned so much from this experience. The reason it made me love math is because I realized how much more you appreciate the things you have to work towards earning. It has inspired to apply this in every aspect of my life and I can't wait to see the rewards it produces. When I returned to look at my grades tonight I had a "B" and I feel so blessed. God was definitely working behind the scenes growing and teaching me. I am so thankful that he blessed me and gave me the motivation to study.