Tuesday, April 11, 2017

8 months

Today, Tinny is 9 months old so, I thought I would recap what happened in month 8 ! She is just changing and growing so much with each new day I can barely keep up!

& just to put things in perspective :




More than just her looks have been changing though our girl now has SIX teeth and is eating all the FOODS!! She loves her some puffs! Sweet potatoes and bananas are also favorites. Currently, she eats about two fruit and veggie pouches a day.

Although she hasn't thoroughly mastered crawling she can get where she needs to go whether that means rolling, scooting or pulling up on something and walking her self to desired location. (Yes, I said pulling up! She tends to get herself in a sitting position and then grabs the couch or outoman and up she goes.) She is even standing unassisted for very short periods of time like 3 seconds HA but, hey this Mama is all for celebrating the small stuff !!

Also, this month we made the big transition from the co-sleeper to her crib and I think it was the right time and feel good about my decision. She could literally stand up in her co-sleeper and lean over the edge so, I was worried she might fall out. Thus, we packed it up! Right now she sleeps pretty soundly waking about once a night, not too bad compared to the 4 we were doing only a month earlier.

This month we also did a FUN little Easter MINI with cousin EVIE!! I made them both BABYS BREATH crowns that was a very tedious job!! Each one took about 30 -45 minutes.

We have also been thoroughly enjoying the PARK & OUTDOORS!!


We LOVE our girl so much ! She is full of personality and is definitely a momma's girl even though she calls me DADADA :) and knows how to say what sounds like cat and tank ou (thank you) and not mama LOL