Sunday, June 12, 2016


We are four weeks out!


As in if our little girl comes on her due date, we will be holding her in our arms in a matter of a month. It is the most indescribable feeling because I have SO MANY feelings about it. EXCITEMENT. FEAR. JOY.

We know her arrival will be life changing we know things will never be the same, we know they will be better. She is a blessing from God.

However, we also know that having this beautiful addition enter our lives will challenge us in ways that we never thought possible and that raising her will be a grand adventure that requires us to be the best version of ourselves. We know the best gift we can give our sweet Tinley Jade is a home with God at the center and so we pray that the Lord would work in our lives ever increasingly taking our focus off of worldly things and onto the things of Heaven.

Our relationship and how we treat each other will ultimately be one of the greatest ways we show Tinley and the world the Love of Jesus our Lord. We know we must continually invest and pour into each other in ways that speak Love to the other person, because we want our sweet girl to understand we are FOR EACH OTHER just like our heavenly father is FOR US.

This past weekend we were able to do just that as we devoted a whole 5 days to us. From the moment we became pregnant we knew we wanted to take a babymoon we both agreed it was important to spend some serious quality time together shortly before our bundle of joy entered the world. We had heard the advice from many new parents. "For those first couple months its all about baby. You are in survival mode you don't have a lot of "US" time and that can often strain your relationship." Taking the wise advice of those who had gone before we planned a little getaway to Michigan.

Well I guess you couldn't really say planned because uh we didn't do a whole lot of that... we knew we would spend at least one night in St. Joseph and then travel more north just exploring. Yep, those were the extent of our plans the point was that we would spend time together. So, you could pretty much say YELP and Trip Advisor were our best friends.

We had to make a lot of decisions spur of the moment and ended up experiencing some really great things together and lots of firsts for the both of us!

Like a Bed and Breakfast (The Painted Turtle), St. Joseph, Traverse City, Michigan's Coast, Build A Bear Workshop, Silver Beach Pizza, Bread +Bar, Gumbo, Tosi's Cafe, Cabana's, Slabtown Burgers, Grand Traverse Resort and Spa, Black Beard's Putt Putt Course, cart cycling, Georgina's and Harbor Shores Golf Course!

Of all the places we explored and all the things we did the best moments of our trip were the moments we spent laughing together and challenging each other. Coming home we feel refreshed and excited for this next phase of our lives. We are ready to meet our GIRL! Also, we highly recommend babymoons!! They don't have to be long or expensive or far away the point is quality time with your significant other, make it a priority!


Zac fell deeply in love with Harbor Shores Golf Course and I enjoyed the pretty scenery and being caddy for a day!

We explored the local eateries and have a couple recommendations if you are in the area!
St.Joseph: Our favorites were Silver Beach Pizza, Bread + Bar, and Tosi's Cafe

Silver Beach Pizza: The Pizza and breadsticks were delicious and really reasonably priced!! Plus you got a nice view of the lake!

Tosi's Cafe was a quaint little place in the middle of downtown surrounded by dessert shops! Everything looked delicious but I really loved their bacon corn chowder although, I didn't get a picture of that but here is our main course! So yummy!

Last but, definitely not least was Bread + Bar a more high end restaurant with the flavors to back up the price!! My first time trying filet mignon and Zac's first time trying polenta, everything surpassed our expectations!

Traverse City: Slabtown Burgers and Gerogina's both places on opposite ends of the spectrum but equally yummy with uniquely cool atmospheres. I only got pictures of Slabtown (it was in a renovated old house) so you'll have to look up Georgina's on your own!